Call for proposals

August 19-20 2022 Online/Onsite in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan

0. About HITCON PEACE 2022

Hacks in Taiwan Conference (HITCON), a technology-orientated cybersecurity conference annually held in Taiwan, is dedicated to bringing the latest information and the most in-depth know-hows of cybersecurity technologies and practices to the community. Over the years, we have invited worldwide speakers and participants to these great events. Also, we facilitated the communities to exchange technical researches, bleeding-edge hacking technologies, and a wide range of corporate security issues.

In constract to last year, in which HITCON CMT and HITCON Pacific were separate events, this year, we will merge HITCON CMT and HITCON Pacific as a special version - HITCON PEACE. HITCON PEACE is named from the abbreviation “Protect Enterprise And Citizens Ever-after”. We hope that the power and culture of hackers could help protect the citizens and enterprises ever-after. In order to cover the hacker and enterprise perspectives, HITCON PEACE not only introduces the most comprehensive and cutting-edge hacking research, also aims to deliver actionable practices for all industries.

1. HITCON PEACE 2022 theme

Survival Guide for the Cyber War

This year is one with a special need for PEACE. In addition to the long lasting COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine conflict introduced irreversible changes to the whole world. As the first military conflict between two countries with mature network infrastructure, the cyber war played a critical role in the conflict. From cyber espionage that happened last October, several destructive incidents occurred around the period of conflict. Showing us what will happen once the cyberwar breaks out. Not to mention that several nuclear-weapon level vulnerabilities discovered and weaponized in recent years, ProxyLgon, Log4shell, Spring4Shell may be the critical pieces. Moreover, new styles of hacking techniques are constantly introduced to the cyber landscape; Therefore, we should learn from the hackers and understand the impact of these newest hacking techniques. As countries’ internet infrastructures mature and their economic systems become increasingly connected, no one can avoid being influenced. Not only influence inside the Geo, from cyber security alliance, security supply chain, social media platforms, enterprises, people or even the crime groups and hacker culture is forced to make the change. Cyberwar is ongoing, and everyone is involved. To survive in the dangerous cyber world, we learn from hackers and toward PEACE in the cyber world.

2. The Call for Papers

HITCON PEACE’s themes on hacking techniques and enterprise security fields are particularly highlighted with focuses on Cyberwar-related topics. We welcome cybersecurity professionals to submit and contribute actively with research ideas from various industries across the globe. In this year, we seperate the sessions into Hacker track and Enterprise track, authors could select which track to submit. Note that, depending on your content, the review board may adjust your track.

Since sessions and briefings will be streamed to domestic and international congregations, all speeches this year must be TLP:White.

Submission Requirements

  • Each submission must be accompanied by an abstract, and be of no more than 40 minutes with speech and QA
  • Proposals should be as specific as possible for the final review
  • Proposals with a concrete action plan will be given priority
  • HITCON will reject incomplete submissions, such as slides or supporting documents with a vague description

Reviewing Rules

  • 'First-come-first-reviewed' approach; Submitters will be contacted directly if the Review Board member considers the submission to be qualified
  • Chance of ending the Call for Papers early if the quality of submissions is extraordinary

Scope and Topics

  • Exploit: Red Team, Bug Bounty, Exploit Development, Fuzzer, Wormable Vulnerability, Web AppSec
  • Malware: Malware Analysis, Malware Development, ransomware, APT/Cybercrime, Ransomware, Reverse Engineering
  • IoT: IoT security, IoT Protection, IoT Hacking & Exploit, IIoT security, Hardware Reversing Engineering, Radio Hacking
  • Car Hacking
  • Privacy and Data Protection: Cloud service privacy, identity management
  • Cyber Physical Security (CPS): Cyber Physical Security (CPS), Society 5.0(Smart Society)
  • 5G Security
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hacking: Data Science for Security, Machine Learning (ML) & AI for Security, Hacking ML & AI, ML&AI Reasoning and Interpretation
  • Talent Education: CTF, Cyber Range
  • Security in the New Normal: Security issues related to pandemic
  • Security Community
  • Blue Team: Digital Forensic, Incident Response

Special Track

  • Future Star: As HITCON becomes more and more professional, many more submissions are received every year. It’s not easy for students’ submissions to be accepted. However, we would like to provide the chances and show stage for our future stars. Thus we set up Future Star track for who has the student qualifications. We encourage students to try and share your research.

3. Delivery Preference

  • Please create an account and submit the proposal through CFP Website (https://cfp2022.hitcon.org/) before the deadline
  • Domestic (Taiwan) speakers are recommended to come onsite and present the research
  • International speakers are recommended to pre-record the presentations and make sure the internet connection is stable for online QAs
  • All correspondence and queries should be sent to [email protected] with the title "HITCON PEACE 2022"

4. Important Dates

Call for Papers Opened: April 19, 2022

Call for Papers Closed: June 17, 2022 (Any Time Zone)

Notification to Submitters: July 3, 2022

Keynote Call for Papers Opened:July 5, 2022

Keynote Call for Papers Closed:July 12, 2022 (Any Time Zone)

Keynote Notification to Submitters:July 19, 2022

Event Dates: August 19 - August 20, 2022

5. Speaker Benefits

For Domestic (Taiwan) Speakers

  • An honorarium of $400 USD, exquisite souvenirs, and admission to our VIP Party
  • Lunch and desserts will be served during the conference

For International Speakers

  • For international speaker who presents online, an honorarium of $700 USD and exquisite souvenirs will be provided due to compensate for unable to attend VIP party and donot need travel fee.
  • For international speakers who come to Taiwan, an honorarium of $400 USD exquisite souvenirs, and admission to our VIP party will be provided. In addition, the accommodation during 8/18 to 8/20 will be covered. According to government vaccination regulations, please note that you will be quarantined and manage your own health and HITCON will not provide any subsidy for the costs associated with quarantine.

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More on contact [email protected]

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