Call for proposals

Aug 27-28 2021 Online/Onsite in Great Skyview Hotel, Taipei

0. About HITCON 2021

Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON) is a technically-oriented security conference held annually in Taiwan, targeting the information security community. We intend to introduce the most comprehensive and advanced technique research for the security community and enterprise. HITCON’s speakers and participants are from all over the world. As the largest technical security conference, it attracts many hackers, security researchers and student security communities in Taiwan. This ensures that HITCON is the best avenue to exchange experience, research, learn new techniques and establish network in the security community.

Fortunately, thanks to Taiwan‘s handling of COVID-19, it is currently safe enough to have onsite conference. Thus, we’ll have onsite, physical, in the real world HITCON 2021 for local participants and online events for foreign participants, just like HITCON 2020.

1. HITCON 2021 theme

Work from home, hack into home

The outbreak of COVID-19 changed the world, working from home became the new normal. our daily activities move into the virtual world, such as: meeting, eating, social activities. As more time is spent at home, much more smart appliances or services are brought into home, with which brings many insecurities and risks, the relics of old-fashioned security concepts.

From an organizations and enterprises viewpoint, the defense border broadens and extends significantly. The traditional centralized concept with the line of defense clearly demarcatedis now infeasible and obsolete in the WFH age. As a result, many defense mechanisms need to be reconstructed to fit the distributed defense line.

For the national level, concepts like smart society, society 5.0 or Cyber Physical Security (CPS), also evolved with every kind of IoT device, from critical infrastructure, Industrial control system to our daily smart appliances. The intensive cyber conflict also pushes the situation of network balkanization, every country may try to control the data and the internet.

All of the above show the indispensable role of hacker, we need more hackers to join this hunting game, to discover the vulnerability earlier and to push the ever evolving security scene forward.

2. The call for paper

We welcome anyone to submit their information security related research paper. The length of the talk should be approximately 50 minutes and leaves some room for Q&A. For Taiwan speakers, they should come onsite and deliver their presentations. Note that the situation may change depending on the status of COVID-19. For foreign speakers, there is no need to be on site, please ensure your network is stable and share your research in the pre-recorded manner. Also, please provide as much information as possible in the submission. Submissions with no slides and very vague descriptions will likely be rejected. The papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

As HITCON 2021 has online video, every presentation should be in TLP white and be published online.

To echo our main theme, we call for paper including but not limiting to following topics:

  • Exploit: Red Team, Bug Bounty, Exploit Development, Fuzzer, Wormable Vulnerability, Web AppSec
  • Malware: Malware Analysis, Malware Development, ransomware, APT/Cybercrime, Ransomware, Reverse Engineering
  • IoT: IoT security, IoT Protection, IoT Hacking & Exploit, IIoT security, Hardware Reversing Engineering, Radio Hacking
  • Car Hacking
  • Privacy and Data Protection: Cloud service privacy, identity management
  • Cyber Physical Security (CPS): Cyber Physical Security (CPS), Society 5.0(Smart Society)
  • 5G Security
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hacking: Data Science for Security, Machine Learning (ML) & AI for Security, Hacking ML & AI, ML&AI Reasoning and Interpretation
  • Talent Education: CTF, Cyber Range
  • Security in the New Normal: Security issues related to pandemic
  • Security Community
  • Blue Team: Digital Forensic, Incident Response

3. How to submit

Please apply for an account at our CFP website(https://cfp2021.hitcon.org/) and submit through the website before the deadline.

Please direct all enquiries to reviewboard[at]hitcon.org

4. Important Dates

Start of Call for Paper: 23rd Mar 2021

Call for Paper Deadline: 1st June 2021 Anywhere on Earth

Speaker Selection Completed: 18th July 2021

HITCON 2021: 27th Augest, 2021 - 28th Augest, 2021

5. Speaker Benefits

1. For regular session speakers in Taiwan, HITCON will provide a honorarium of US$250 for speakers. Admission to our VIP(8/27) party for onsite speakers. Lunch and desserts during the conference will be provided for onsite speakers, and a set of souvenirs will also be given as a memorial.

2. For foreign speakers who cannot join onsite, as they may not be able to participate in all physical events, including the VIP party. Thus we raise the honorarium to US$400, and also provide a set of souvenirs. Note that in the case foreign speakers would like to participate in a physical event, we are very welcome but need to follow the regulations of related Taiwan agencies, and there will be no extra travel and accommodation fee, but cover in the original honorarium.

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If you have any privacy or security concern when contacting the HITCON Committee,you can communicate with us through the use of following PGP public key:
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