Privacy Policy of HITCON

1.Policy of Personal Information Protection

First, we would like to thank you for joining us in Hacks in Taiwan Conference (hereafter referred to as “HITCON”). We are going to ask for your permission to collect and to use your personal information recorded in the registration form. We value your privacy and we would follow the terms and conditions as set out below while collecting and using your personal information.

2. The Purpose of Usage of Your Personal Information

For the purposes of organizing the event and providing better services, we are going to collect your personal information on the registration page all according to the Personal Information Protection Act by The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act 130. Meeting Management.

The purposes will be including but not limited to:

(a.) To confirm the identity by your recognization form

(b.) To provide you a badge of HITCON

(c.) To provide a favourable meal according to your diet(oriental vegetarian, for example)

(d.) To provide you a HITCON T-shirt in your size

(e.) To provide a receipt within your invoice title and address

(f.) To provide you the reading materials of HITCON

(g.) All other purposes that help us to give better services at the meeting

3.The Way We Collect and the Scope that We Use Your Personal Information

While registering for HITCON, we will obtain informations of you by asking you to fill in the form on the registration page. The informatino that we gathered will only be used to provide services to you.

4. How Do We Use Your Personal Information

We would preserve the personal information that you provided until you request us to cease using it or HITCON ceases operation. We will NEVER sell, exchange, lease or otherwise expose your personal information to third party organizations or individuals, with the exception that:

We have your prior permission
We have recieve subpoenas or other legal due process that requires us to provide the information.

5.What Personal Informations are Included

The personal informations that we are asking for includes:

full name and nick name, gender, email address, mobile number, birth year, occupation, belonging organization (company), billing address, company invoice number, diet habits, T-shirt size...etc. This is done according to The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act by its Code 001 Type for identifying individuals.

6.Your Rights of Personal Information

You could exercise your rights (which would be mentioned below) of the personal information by writting to us (either by paper or by electronical meas)

(a.) Any inquiries or requests for viewing the personal information

(b.) Any requests to make duplications of the personal information

(c.) Any requests to add supplements or correct the personal information

(d.) Any requests to discontinue the collection, processing or using of personal information

(e.) Any requests to delete the personal information unless you do not agree the process of registration and legal regulation

We would keep it and charging on your request all according to Taiwan’s legal obligations.

If you would like to have your personal information modified or updated, you could do it on the registration page or email us.

7.Cancelling Your Participating and Deleting Your Personal Information

You may request us to cease the use of your personal information by notifying us through email, and we shall refrain from using your personal information from then onwards. You are free to provide as much or as little information as you like. However, in the case that the provided information is erroneous, insufficient, or that you request us to cease the usuage of your data, then for the proper operation of the event, we may reject your registration and participation.

8.Questions for Privacy Protection Policy

If you have any questions regarding the gathering and usage of your personal information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

The Privacy Policy of HITCON will be effective May 1th, 2017.

However, due to the rapidly changing social and legal environment and the continual advancement in technology, we reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, and will announce any update when available.

Thank you.

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