What is HITCON

In the hacker world, the line between evil and justice is blurred. Instead, we believe that the term hacker represents the spirit of being ever challenging and the possession of tremendous knowledge and skills.

Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON) is a highly technical security conference in Taiwan to gather the various information security researchers and their expertise, the first of its kind in Taiwan. HITCON aims to provide everyone interested in security and hacking to meetup face to face, so they can exchange their experiences and share their newest and most exciting findings. It was first held 10 years ago by chr00t security group.

All HITCON talks are carefully chosen to ensure that they represents the latest trends or technologies, presents excellent hacking techniques, and is not commercial advertisement by vendors. Besides, we also have an IRC channel that is displayed on a large screen on stage in real time. There is also the sheep wall, which sniffs the network traffic during the conference and displays them on the screen on stage. These interesting and unique peculiarities attracts alot of people who are interested in security and hacking.

HITCON is the hacker's party and we invite everyone to come to Taiwan to join the party to experience the hacker culture in Taiwan, follow up with the most interesting and sensitive topics, and to social with hackers as well as hacker groups.

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If you have any privacy or security concern when contacting the HITCON Committee,you can communicate with us through the use of following PGP public key:
Key ID: E40856AA Fingerprint = BE1D 0B31 2271 079C CB45 001E 76B9 DFE6 E408 56AA The public key is available at:PublicKey Download